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Useful websites for everybody! the menu on the left side of the page gives you lots of choices: reading, grammar, vocabulary, writing and exam practice. 1000 pages of grammar, mp3 listening, vocabulary and reading interactive exercises. Includes a full phrasal verbs section with definitions, examples and tests. learn English grammar, vocabulary, verbs and speaking with ESL games, an English newsletter and more. e-mail links, chat room, grammar quizzes, idiom page, phrasal verb page, quotes, grammar hints page, quizzes... One of the busiest efl/esl sites on the Internet. lots of interactive English exercises: idioms, phrasal verbs, fixed expressions, slang... help with grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, writing and spelling. exercises to practise speaking, listening, reading, writing and pronunciation. Also some help with the official exams. lots of information about English grammar, plus some tests and practice activities. check your level, then do some practice exercises. extra practice in grammar, vocabulary and listening for A0 to A2 students. study the keywords of English and how they work (B1-C1) a free English course covering many grammar points from A0-A2. articles about vocabulary and phrases for advanced students. learn a new word every day, and listen to it to get the right pronunciation (advanced). advice and worksheets to help you with your spelling. listen to conversations, do a quiz or practice academic listening. site where you can choose what accent and topic you want to listen to. You can also click on words you don't understand and get explanations. listen to English teachers and students in radio and tv programmes. improve your speaking by practising lots of diferent conversation skills. you have to register to use this, but it is free. You can do lots of different activities including exam practice. a guide to accuracy in academic English, helpful advice and exercises. lots of help with academic English: writing, listening, giving presentations, vocabulary. With videos to watch too. lots of information and help for English language learners. thousands of quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English. articles to read and listen to, different weekly topics and lots of grammar and vocabulary exercises. grammar and vocabulary activities, crosswords and some quizzes from other languages to English too! for B2-C1 students. Grammar and vocabulary exercises, and also links to lots of reading and listening material. site with various games and activities, mainly grammar based. there is an ‘ask an expert’ section, where people ask questions about aspects of language and these are clearly answered. tests and activities for beginner – advanced students. try some vocabulary practice activities (A0-A1)